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I need to start using this thing more

Holy Crap, I havent written in this thing for ages, I really need to change that...
I guess I will just do a sort of update on my life kind of thing, the last times I posted consistently on here was to bitch about Blu-ray stuff and do that Book Challenge (which I totally forgot about and am pretty much done with bc ive read about 20 or so books since the last time and I dont feel like a massive update, but who knows)
I know that people talking about their fitness regime/dieting process can be all kinds of hot snotty tears boring but its become a big part of my life so an update would be incomplete without it. After looking at my life and some health problems and attitude I decided I needed to make a few changes in my life healthwise so I have working out almost every day, doing aerobics and strentgh training. I run about 4-4.5 miles every morning (in place), Burning about 500-600 calories.
Also I have started following the Paleo Diet, which for the curious is also known as the caveman diet. No Starch, Dairy,Legumes,Refined Sugar,Tubers,Grains, (nothing thar has to be cultivated) etc and i have to keep sodium to a minimum. Basically I am a raw food vegan who eats meat and eggs and cooks his vegetables...wait, no that is a shit analogy. Basically i usually eat the same thing every day, Veg, Meat, eggs, and fruit and on sunday I sautee a steak in peppers and drink about 4 liters a water every day. (yes, I piss ALOT) Ive lost 40 pounds since the middle of september and should be down to about 250 around 4711 if I dont fuck it up. I have no idea the last time I weighed under 280 and that includes High school. I am also try to tone up at the same time so hopefully I wont look droopy as I lose weight.

I'm still working as a doorman on the Upper west side, the job is easy (too easy) but the job kind of sucks bc of the company I work for sucking and the pay rate not being very good. I know people out there are in worse positions and I do feel lucky and happy I HAVE a job but that doesnt stop me from fucking Loathing my workplace.
Hopefully ill get the day shift soon and it wilbe slightly more tolerable or even better Ill get that fucking Karaoke Host job (not holding my breath on that one)

Me and Nicole are awesome as always, No one has ever understood me and treated me as well as she has, I only hope she realizes how much I appreciate having her in my life, I really lucked out when i met her and i must have done something good in a previous life that she consented to be my girlfriend.

Other than that life is ok, Not thrilled with my living situation or my commute but it could be worse. Wish I had a car so i could get down to Jersey more often, I really enjoy the hell out of the HOH crew and I am happy to be part of that group if not as much as Id like to be. As far as moving goes, at the moment we are going to be out here for a while at least, we have changed the date several times at this points so I am basically just going with the flow, moving and not moving both have their pros and cons so I am basically just letting Nicole steer the boat on this one, not making her sail on her own, just letting her steer. Its a big step for her and not that big of a deal for me.
Well that was cathartic, I think I wil cap it off there.

Love and Reason
Dear Rocky Horror Elite; How do I get in the fucking loop?
Anyone else getting a bit annoyed by the Rumour Has It shit on the RHPS fanclub site/myspace/twitter.

Book Challenge 24 - 42

24. Shadow and Claw - Gene Wolfe
Interesting series about a member of a guild of torturers who has a destiny far greater than he ever imagined. very good read, the author really created an interesting world even if he does tend to take the plot in odd time consuming directions.

books 25-42Collapse )

Book Challenge cont.

12 more books under hereCollapse )
Hopefully I remember to continue this after I book so I don't have to do more massive posts like this...

Book Challenge Meme

I am really late with this so I am going to put it behind a cut since I have read 20 something books this year thus far...
Hopefully I remember to post a little more often as I find this to be an interesting meme and enjoy reading other people's posts.

I read, reallyCollapse )
Probably do the other 12 tomorrow.
I am actually in the middle of 3 books right now, I need to get out of the bad habit of reading more than one book at once...
I will never ever understand Rocky Horror Cast members who don't go to Cons that their own cast is throwing or that are in their stomping grounds, it makes absolutely no sense at all to me. I get that not everyone is as into Rocky as some and wouldn't want to spend the money to go crosscountry to go to a can, but seriously, not going to one that you have the option of going home each night is just fucking retarded and you are going to end up regretting it. Its like someone in MI not going to sins con bc they don't feel like driving to LA that weekend, or like someone in Ohio not going to a con the one time in like 30 years that one is in their vicinity, just saying.

May. 16th, 2010

Can't wait for Tc In Dc, dont know how i ended up being in all 3 movies...


I hope someone good won the turkish binzi album, my ebay app crapped out on me at the last minute. Grr not the first time this has happened either

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