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I am but a ship adrift in the middle of the sea; praying for a whisper of wind to come into my sails
Currently working on a musical based on Blue Velvet, I'm thinking Jesse Merlin in the role of Jeffrey...

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More petty bitching, feel free to skip

I fucking hate the job market in NY, the only calls i ever get are from fucking scammers. Seriously 99% of all listings in the Security industry or for fucking security schools who want to sell you classes and as soon as they find out that you have all of the classes you need suddenly they no longer have over 50 positions they need to fill ASAP, and some of the more unscrupulous companies try to get you to come down for far fetched classes such as Homeland security and Metal Detection that I am positive they are not qualified to give.(And usually these sort of places don't even have job LEADS much less "placement")
Also Health Insurance companies who want you to come down and interview only to ask you to put up money so you can get your insurance licence.
And lately I keep running into fake job websites were you apply for a job and the website calls you trying to sign up for college courses..UGH!
Thankfully I have enough foresight to research all these companies online so I rarely waste my time going to any bullshit interviews, but it still pisses me off.
Just a little frustrated right now.
Sorry for the shitty grammar but its LJ and I am not in the mood.

Apr. 25th, 2011

10/10 - Original Start Weight - 327.80
4/16/11 - Starting Weight - 268.5
Goal weight - 225.5Goal
4/25/11 - 264.6

Easter threw less of a monkey wrench than I expected.
In other news: I did something to my back and i can barely fucking move today.
Sorry for the cryptic emo post earlier. Bahleeted

Weight Loss Challenge

10/10 - Original Start Weight - 327.8
04/16/11 - Starting Weight - 268.5
Goal weight - 225.5
Goal Date - Aug. 13th
New weight loss goal. 40 lbs in 120 days.
Starting tommorow. ending Aug 13th
But today im having a twix and a bag of pretzels as a farewell to my laxer than lateley diet ive enjoyed the past month or two.

Apr. 15th, 2011

I can has new job?


Con was fan-fucking-tastic. A huge thank you to everyone involved, I know how much blood sweat and tears went into it and you all did a STELLAR job. That was probably one of the best if not The best cons I have been to. If you guys need an extra hand getting ready for the next one you know where to turn.
My only regret was that (as usual) I didnt get to hang out with all the people i wanted to and not enough with the people I did get a chance to hang out with.
HOB stage was awesome to perform on
Gary Shail was a fucking riot
Pat Quinn was lovely and accomodating as always
All in All a brilliant time.
I will possibly write something more detailed later, but mostly wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work that went into putting this con together.