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Bad Liver and a Broken Heart

Frustration breeds Insanity

Vegas Eddie
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I grew up all around southern california, east texas, and finally Las Vegas.
I've been involved with Rocky Horror and the Rocky community all over the country since 1997.
I now live in New York

I am The former Cast Leader of the Las Vegas Cast and I am big fan of conventions.
Divine Decadence alumni 97-05
I am an Ex Member of the New York Fucking City Rocky Horror Cast.
I am now a cast member with New Jersey's Home of Happiness

I enjoy collecting music and music memoribilia(especially Vinyl)
I listen to all kinds of music, although my favorite type is probably punk and early 70's glam rock, also anything by Jim Steinman(well not anything), Meat Loaf and Iggy Pop.
I am an avid reader and I read lots of Non fiction as well as the occasional sci-fi/fantasy book, etc
I am an ordained minister and an Atheist.

I never know what to write in these things...

Also Facebook.com/vegaseddie
adult swim, akira kurosawa, aldous huxley, alejandro jodorowsky, andy warhol, anthony bourdain, are you being served, army of darkness, b-movies, baal, bauhaus, beck, bettie page, billy idol, bjork, black, black flag, blondie, boingo, brian eno, brian posehn, bruce campbell, cabaret, cherry poppin daddies, circle jerks, clara bow, clockwork orange, cult movies, danny elfman, david bowie, david johanson, david lynch, dead boys, dead kennedys, depeche mode, derek jarman, dionysus, dita von teese, ed wood, el topo, elvis, evil dead, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, faust, fear, forbidden zone, frank zappa, freddie mercury, fritz lang, gary numan, generation x, george orwell, glam, glam rock, glitter, goth girls, hair, harvey birdman, hunter s. thompson, iggy pop, it's always sunny, ivan brunetti, jack kerouac, jesus christ superstar, jhonen vazquez, jim morrison, jim steinman, john waters, jubilee, judas, kafka, kenneth anger, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, labryinth, league of gentlemen, les miserables, little nell, lou reed, louis prima, mariyln manson, meat loaf, mel brooks, mephistopheles smith, monty python, musical theater, musicals, mystery science theatre 3000, neil gaiman, new york dolls, new york punk, nine inch nails, oingo boingo, orangina, orgasms, oscar wilde, painting, patricia quinn, patton oswalt, phantom of the paradise, photography, pin ups, psychobilly, pulp fiction, punishing bad cinema, punk rock, radiohead, rammstein, rent, repressed history, reservior dogs, richard dawkins, richard hell, richard o'brien, roadie, robert asprin, rocky horror, russ meyer, saturday night live, sex pistols, shock treatment, slade, snatch, space ghost, stage acting, stanley kubrick, talking heads, terry gilliam, the clancy brothers, the cramps, the doors, the misfits, the producers, the ramones, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the young ones, thora birch, thora birch naked, tim curry, toshiro mifune, trigger happy tv, troma, tubeway army, type o negative, uhf, velvet goldmine, vinyl